Cameron’s Speech on Tackling Terrorism

The ten things you need to know about Cameron’s plans to tackle extremism:

1. Cameron outlined his five-year strategy to tackle subversive doctrine and defeat extremism
2. He argued that defeating extremism is the “struggle of our generation”
3. He still focuses on ‘islamic extremism’ which some would argue is misplaced
4. Specific deradicalisation programmes would be set up, which are in addition to the Channel duties. The discourse of ‘deradicalisation’ reinforces the notion that individuals have been brainwashed and need re-converting. In many cases, the individuals concerned have not been brainwashed, but are making a decision based on their world view and their experiences.
5. He focused on internet companies, suggesting that they are doing too little to tackle extremism online. Expect increased surveillance and data collection on society as a whole. This is part of a raft of hard line measures being introduced that plays on our increasing sense of insecurity.
6. He announced a new scheme to enable parents to apply directly to get their child’s passport cancelled to prevent travel.
7. He is setting up a new community engagement forum to hear directly from Muslim groups who are challenging extremism
8. He pledged to actively encourage reforming and moderate Muslim voices to speak up and provide a platform, but it is not clear if this is only a platform that is being created to enable moderate voices to continually apologies for the actions of a minority of individuals.
9. He argues that there is a need to build a more cohesive society and improve integration, but makes no mention of addressing inequality.
10. Prof Andrew Silke – a counter-terrorism specialist who advises the Cabinet Office and the UN – says research shows that people are drawn to terrorism more because of “identity issues” than ideology.

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